Tabor Tools LS12A Review

4.8 out of 5
21 Dec 2017
Tabor Tools LS12A
tabor tools ls12a
4.8 out of 5
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The Tabor Tools LS12A is a high quality rake. By writing this review, we aim to give you data that can be useful in deciding if this is the correct purchase for you. If you want a more detailed analysis of this product, we invite you to take a look at the detailed product description page. You can also view the customer reviews to see what users think about this product.


This product is amongst the most popular rakes. Our data shows that it is more popular than most of items in the same category within our database. If you check out the user opinions, you will be able to get a great set of judgements on this product before buying.

Comparison Table

tabor tools leaf scoops garden and yard hand rakes for picking up leaves grass clippings debris and garbage 1 pair

rake assassin by root assassin garden tools

36 aluminum landscaping rake

Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
3.6 out of 5
  • EASY DOES IT. Heavy duty flexible plastic lawn leaf scoops make grabbing large amounts of leaves, debris or yard waste easy. These grabber claws are excellent for collecting grass clippings for bagging, mulching or shredding. Simply slide in your hands inside the handles and start grabbing and collecting leaves quickly and efficiently. The ridged edges make for a firm grip: nothing will escape your claws!
  • BODY PROTECTION. These scoops will form a barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds. They will also safe your back from bending over too much
  • SIMPLE STORAGE: The claws are made in a way that they fit together neatly, so you can easily fit them together and hang them on a nail or peg when not in use. When dirty, just rinse them off with a hose and you are good to go!
  • HERE TO STAY: The scoops are made of durable crack & UV-resistant materials. These will assist you in your gardening in the years to come.
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. The Tabor Tool customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched!
  • Rake / Shovel / Skim with 1 Amazing Garden Tool
  • NO BENDING with the Unique Ergonomic design
  • 58" long, weighs just 1.75 lbs / Aluminum Pole
  • Rake, Collect, Skim Ponds, Sift, Dump and Haul in Playgrounds, Camping sites, Recreational areas and the Beach.
  • *36" Rake Head, Straight Tines
  • *All Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • *66" Long Aluminum Alloy Handle
  • *Light Weight
  • 15% sale price discount for wholesaler for $350 & UP per order
Brand:Tabor ToolsRoot AssassinForgecraft USA
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Color:red and dark gray

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The data that we've collected shows that Tabor Tools has manufactured quite a few rakes. Our average score for this brand is 4.8 out of 5. This is based on 1 total rakes. Compared to other brands, Tabor Tools is ranked number 5 out of 83.

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The Tabor Tools LS12A is likely more trendy than your typical rake, which will be great as you are aware that it is likely to be a very good one. Getting a less famous product will often make it difficult to acquire additional owner's views. If the product you're buying is known for a substantial number of product sales then it is also quite likely going to be worth purchasing.

The Tabor Tools LS12A is very popular, and well liked amongst other buyers.
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