Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2 Review

4.8 out of 5
20 Mar 2020
Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2
felco f 2 classic manual hand pruner
4.8 out of 5
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Felco have sold several gardening shears over the years. The Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner is definitely among their more popular ones. It's a great idea to find out more about a piece of merchandise prior to purchasing it, so we have compiled some information that may be of use to you.


This product is amongst the most popular gardening shears. The data that we have shows that it is more popular than many of products in the same category that we have in our database. By checking the user reviews, you will be able to get a good set of judgements on this product before buying.

Comparison Table

felco f 2 classic manual hand pruner

tabor tools extendable hedge shears for trimming borders boxwood decorative grasses and bushes 25 8 hedge clippers with professional wavy blade and long telescoping power lever steel handles

happy hydro professional light weight curved tip bud trimming scissors

Editor Rating:
4.8 out of 5
4.7 out of 5
4.2 out of 5
  • Anvil blade with a sap groove
  • A hardened bolt and nut to assure exact adjustment of both the cutting and anvil blades
  • Rubber cushion and shock absorber
  • Ideal pruner for light applications and easily adjustable
  • Features strong blades with a wire cutting notch
  • Lightweight metal handles
  • Blades are made of high-quality hardened steel
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • ADJUSTABLE BLADE TENSION: The flower-shaped pivot bolt lets you adjust the tension of the blade and prune different types of plants with just a simple twist. The blades are made of carbon steel with coating to allow a great cutting performance. You can count on these clippers to deliver superior, long lasting performance and great results.
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. The Tabor Tool customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched! FREE GIFT: Order today, and get a wealth of pruning tips and tricks along with our follow up on your purchase.
  • STRONG TELESCOPIC HANDLES This hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs and decorative topiary plants. Reach any shrub far and high! There's not cut you can't make with these strong extendable handles: the overall regular length in closed position is 25" and the overall length in extended mode is 33".
  • SHARP WAVY BLADE FOR PRECISION CUTS. The forged carbon steel wavy blades cut all the way to the tip and produce smoothly operated crisp cuts. The precision cuts of this tool will preserve your plant's health. Every cut will be a joyful experience and your shrubs will grow back nicely: don't hack away at your beautiful bushes with powered hedge trimmers!
  • SHOCK ABSORBING BUMPERS. The shock-absorbing bumpers will stop all jarring vibrations and reduce arm and shoulder fatigue. The extendable telescopic lightweight steel handles feature comfortable non-slip grips which will fit comfortably into your hands. Overall, this is a balanced, powerful and dependable tool which will soon become YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE GARDEN.
  • PRECISION CURVED BLADE ideal for hydroponic or window box gardening, including medical herbs
  • COMFORT GRIP HANDLE is ideal for gardeners with arthritis or those with restricted hand strength. Reduces hand fatigue during use
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY LOCK keeps the razor sharp blades securely closed until you're ready to open them. Hang them in your shed or carry them in a tool box
  • CORROSION-RESISTANT stainless steel maintains razor-sharp edges for years of clean, consistent cuts and gardening pleasure
  • GENTLE SPRING ACTION opens and closes blades smoothly, snip after snip, to deter blisters and reduce strain on your hands and wrists
Brand:FelcoTabor ToolsHappy Hydro
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Warranty:1 year
Size:Extendable Telescopic Handles

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You can look at the more detailed list of user reviews by clicking here. Here's a few small excerpts taken from the editorial review for this product:

These classic Felco pruners set the standard by which all others are judged. The choice of landscape professionals, nursery workers, and savvy gardeners around the globe; this exceptionally well-made tool features a design that's been unchanged for more than 50 years. The anvil blade has a deep sap... show full review

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This product is likely more well-known than the typical gardening shears, which is great as you know that it is probably a good one. Obtaining a less trendy product can sometimes make it difficult to acquire various user's thoughts. If the product you're selecting is known for a high level of sales and profits then it's also quite likely going to be worth obtaining.

A popular and well reviewed shears is really what you want, and this one gives you just that.
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