Cakie GT-3103A5 CakieCakie, Green Review

3.8 out of 5
16 Mar 2020
Cakie GT-3103A5 CakieCakie, Green
gardenite gt 3103a5
3.8 out of 5
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The Gardenite GT-3103A5 is a high quality gardening shears. By writing this review, our goal is to provide you with data that can be helpful in deciding if this is the correct purchase for you. If you'd like a more a more detailed analysis of this product, we think it would be wise for you to check out the detailed product description page. You can also check out the user reviews to see what users think about this product.


This product is one of the most popular gardening shears. The data that we have shows that it's more popular than many of gardening shears in the same category that we've got in our database. By checking the user opinions, you can get a great set of opinions on this item before making a purchase.

Comparison Table

heavy duty bypass pruning shears superior quality forged aluminum hand pruner with japanese cutting blade

gorchen garden grafting pruning pruner tool kit set plant branch twig vine fruit tree graft cutting scissors shear omega cut u cut v cut

professional pruning shears best heavy duty hand pruners for serious gardening versatile ergonomic razor sharp steel garden clippers tree trimmers  holster

Editor Rating:
3.8 out of 5
4.1 out of 5
3.9 out of 5
  • SUPERIOR FORGED ALUMINUM BODY - The majority of pruning shears are made of die cast aluminum. The Gardenite RazorPass is made from a much stronger forged aluminum process. Forging and casting are two very different manufacturing methods. Forged pruners have a much higher tensile strength, fatigue strength and yield strength than die cast pruners. Forged pruners are far superior in quality.
  • 26% MORE TENSILE STRENGTH - Forged pruners have up to 26% more tensile strength and 37% higher fatique strength. This means a forged pruner will have a much longer life span and will withstand more cutting force than a similar diecast pruner.
  • JAPANESE SK5 HIGH CARBON STEEL BLADES - The Japanese sk-5 high carbon steel blade is of the highest quality for making blades. A blade made out of sk-5 high carbon steel is the best blade for the money that you will pay for.
  • WIDE & NARROW HAND SETTING - Perfect for large and small hands. When set to narrow, the RazorPass handles will not open to their normal width. They will open to about 50% wide. Pruning can tire the strongest hands, but if you are already starting out at a disadvantage with carpal tunnel or arthritis, or have smaller hands, the RazorPass will making pruning a breeze
  • WIRE CUTTING NOTCH - SAP GROOVE - MICRO ADJUSTMENT - SHOCK ABSORPTION SYSTEM - See the description below for more details about these features.
  • Different from traditional grafting tool, this product does pruning and grafting at the same time, easy to use and more efficient
  • 3 replaceable grafting cutting blades(O-Cut U-Cut V-Cut) can make precision and clean cut
  • Pruning blade(3mm thick) is ideal for removing useless leaves, twigs and stems without changing the tool
  • Able to cut grafting plants' twig whose diameter is range from 5mm-1.4cm/0.2"-0.55"
  • Handles are made from ABS plastic, the rest part and blades are made from high carbon steel, chrome treated for durable sharp
  • ? HOLIDAY SALE! These high-quality pruning shears are the last ones you'll need to buy. SAVE TODAY on these Professional HIGH CAPACITY Pruners! Cleanly TRIM BRANCHES up to ¾" and stems of all types. Only on Amazon!
  • ? EVER-SHARP, STRONG, INDESTRUCTIBLE BLADE: Our 8-inch forged steel bypass garden shears are sharp and stay that way! The beautiful BRIGHT COLOR is EASY TO FIND so you don't lose them. The "MUST HAVE" tool for all landscapers, florists, crafters and homeowners. GET YOURS NOW!
  • ? COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP GRIP: Perfect for small and large hands; left-handed or right, ensures hours of no-strain gardening! Whether you're caring for roses, tulips, carnations, bougainvillea, shrubs or even trees, YOU'LL LOVE THESE PRUNERS!
  • ? ADVANCED TENSION SPRING: Long-lasting spring design for a consistent rebound. Forget about pruners with latches that jam. Our closure system is failure-proof....and you get a FREE HOLSTER too. Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW!
  • ? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and LIFETIME WARRANTY: Love our shears or get your money back! Every gardener needs top-quality tools like a spade, rake, hoe, shovel, loppers and saw. But owning the best quality pruners is essential, and makes a great gift, even if it's to yourself! GET YOURS TODAY! Click the ADD TO CART Button! You'll be glad you did!
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Warranty:Limited Lifetime Warranty. This product is warranted against all manufacturer defects. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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RAZORPASS - 8.5 INCH BYPASS PRUNING SHEARS • SUPERIOR FORGED ALUMINUM BODY The majority of pruning shears are made of die cast aluminum. The Gardenite RazorPass is made from a much stronger forged aluminum process. Forged pruners have a much higher tensile strength, fatigue strength and yield stre... show full review

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To conclude, the Gardenite GT-3103A5 is a gardening shears that might be worth looking into. If you want a more comprehensive evaluation of the benefits on this item you'll want to examine the customer reviews. In most cases the store which has the best prices for this kind of product is, so you might want to check there.
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