Minals Mark Large Review

4.2 out of 5
18 Mar 2020
Minals Mark Large
minals mark large
4.2 out of 5
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Looking for a well known gardening shovel? The Minals Mark Large may have what you need. This review will have a look at the score, price and popularity of this product, so that you can make the best choice before making a purchase. We think it's also a good idea to also check the customer reviews, because this will help you get a good idea about what other people have to say about this product.


This item is a very popular choice for a gardening shovel. The data that we've got shows that it's more popular than many of items in the same category that we've got in our database. If you look at the user opinions, you'll be able to get a good set of judgements on this product before you purchase.

Comparison Table

shovel large with folding handle suitable for camping and snow shovels it can be used with ropes in the garden with hose and decor best gardening tool comes with bag as an organiser

cold steel special forces shovel with hardwood handle

garden works ssr comfort grip soil scoop green handle model

Editor Rating:
4.2 out of 5
4.8 out of 5
4 out of 5
  • Have you had enough of a messy garden with all your tools lying around? ashamed with all your tools scattered on the ground? Are your garden equipment space consuming- no space to walk? Minals Mark's shovel FOLDS and comes with A FREE BAG, now you can minimise clutter in your garden. Store it away in the most un imaginable places. have a free clean garden!
  • Are you sick and tired of your garden tools breaking every time you use it? Getting ripped off with cheap plastic shovels, claiming to be supreme quality? Can you not find the right shovel for yourself. Minals Mark shovel is HEAVY DUTY AND DURABLE,this shovel isn't breaking, try it out yourself!
  • Do you want an equipment that is suitable for all locations, and suitable for all different problems, Minals Mark's shovel cuts through anything you can imagine. Goes through, compost, mud, sand and even snow
  • Try it today and see the difference compared to any ordinary shovel!
  • Thickness: 2mm (Shovel Head)
  • Handle: Hardwood
  • Overall Length: 19.68"
  • Material: Medium carbon steel
  • Sheath: Not included Overall Length: 20.50" Carry System: N/A Weight: 1.60 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 20.50"
  • Carry System: N/A
  • Weight: 1.60 lbs.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Serrated edges cut through roots
  • Comfort Grip handle made from recycled materials
  • Premium stainless steel blade
Brand:Minals MarkCold SteelHome & Tools
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Release Date:2010-08-11

User Reviews

Click here to look at the detailed list of user opinions on this gardening shovel. Here are some small excerpts taken from the editorial review for this product:

Your hunch to finding your heavenly, FOLDING, HEAVY DUTY- garden aid has been concluded. When you purchase Minals Mark shovel today here is what you should do... . When that card boarded boring Amazon box comes through the mail drop, dig it open at the first possibility. Withdraw the bag and stare ... show full review


Minals Mark is quite a well regarded manufacturer of gardening shovels. Our average rating for this brand is 4.8 out of 5. That's based on 1 total products. Compared to other brands, Minals Mark ranks number 3 out of 91.

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It's good getting a product that's more well known than most, since this means it's probably of better quality. Reviewing various user's experiences is often crucial, so it's usually wise to get a more well known product. A product which has bigger gross sales is also usually very likely to be worth getting.

The Minals Mark Large is quite popular, and highly regarded amongst users.
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